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Thirty years ago, completely by luck, I seized the rare opportunity to rent a wonderful art studio in Jack London Square in Oakland, Ca. It would become a space reserved for contemplation and creativity and for making a mess and messing with new ideas, techniques, and materials. At last I would have room to widen my creative focus!

Ideas for work that would range from humorous to provocative would expand in the space. Family and work commitments had caused my creativity to "rest for a while”, but life is always rebalancing. The difficulties of making art a serious practice became much less daunting in the studio.

I am inspired by other artists, books, magazines, photos, music, nature, poetry…and Instagram. Since the over stimulation they provide can cause me to lose focus, my daily goal is to sit, quiet the distracted mind, and simplify my process. This intentional daily process supports creation. The acquisition of new technical, intellectual, and artistic skills is the scaffolding of my artistic life.

As the work takes form and an infallible joy begins to arise from seeing something develop from nothing. It is a richly rewarding experience. Completing this website is another instance of fortunate serendipity! I met another artist who held my hand, tested my organizational skills and patiently walked along the path to completion with me.

I am grateful and have a sense of peace around this accomplishment.

I am an artist.

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